Rebel Bit

Hello everyone! Wanted to inform you that Rebel Bit vocal version of Muse hit Supremacy has just been released, as part of their debut album Paper Flights.
I produced the song together with fellow comrades Erik Bosio and Francesco Salvadeo.
Rebel Bit are the beautiful Guido Giordana, Giulia Cavallera, Paolo Tarolli and Lorenzo Subrizi, who’s also the main arranger of the songs.
The album is available as usual everywhere on the Internet (For example HERE) but I warmly recommend you to buy a physical old fashioned CD version of the work, due to its original packaging (and also superior sound quality).
Rebel Bit will perform at the CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) in Boston next Monday, and I wish them all the best for their next steps in the music industry.
Here’s the official video, I loved it:


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