Music has always been the most important aspect, and I did a lot of different things with that.
Studio recordings, gigs in clubs, theatres and cruise ships, touring with recording artists in big arenas, teaching, troubadouring and playing in big bands and orchestras. Always looking forward to something new.

I play guitar in Mamasuya.


I also perform, produce and/or record with wonderful artists and producers ranging from pop music, soul, rock and roll, vocal and blues: here I would like to name a few:


Gianluca Grignani (IT)
Alexia (IT)
Dolcenera (IT)
Fausto Leali (IT)
Morgan (IT)
Donatella Rettore (IT)

Erik Bosio (IT/SWE)
Jussi Chydenius (FIN)
Morten Sørensen (DEN)

Sergio Sylvestre (IT/US)
Bill Hare (US)
Sonny Rhodes (US)
Susan Kean Cattaneo (US)

Johannes Faber (DEU), a rare master.


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