Kind Of Suya – So What

28 Dicembre, Venerdì. Ore 22.30. A Tortona, nel circolo Dazibao, in Corso Alessandria 141. Mamasuya dal vivo, con lo spettacolo Kind Of Suya, una riproposizione integrale ed elettrica del capolavoro di Miles Davis: So What Blue in Green Freddie the Freeloader Flamenco Sketches All Blues Parlo, anzi scrivo, naturalmente, di Kind Of Blue, datato 1959. […]

La musica non c’entra?

6 persone sono morte in una discoteca, schiacciate senza via d’uscita, perché una persona avrebbe spruzzato spray al peperoncino in mezzo alla folla, provocando il panico. Mi spaventa l’idea che oggigiorno basti così poco per perdere il controllo. Nemmeno un’arma da fuoco: uno spray urticante di quelli che puoi comprare al supermercato per sentirti al […]

Human rights day – FREE TIBET!

Since the Chinese illegal occupation of Tibet in 1959 the human rights of the Tibetan people has been violated in various ways. As the situation has not improved and been, in fact, worse than ever before; more than 150 Tibetans have killed themselves by setting themselves on fire during just the past few years, as a […]

Grattis, Janne!

Jean Sibelius was born 100 years before my mother; Jean Sibelius died 10 days after my birthday, and 3 months before my father was born; Jean Sibelius hat was a Borsalino made in Alessandria; Jean Sibelius lived in Rapallo back in 1901, in an apartment that is now owned by my father’s brother. I feel that there’s a […]

1.500.000 SpotifY PlaYs!

(and 620.000 Youtube views) I love to work with Wallaby because they know exactly what they want and how to get it. It’s a pleasure to be the electric heart of this electronic music. Grazie ragazzi, waiting for the next one.

Finland, here I am!

After a series of events involving both my private life and work situation, I ended up moving from Italy to Finland, and boy it feels GOOD! (I like the weather here, believe it or not). This new website is then needed and here you can keep track of my activity as a musician, contact me […]